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The End Two Great Weeks of Surveying with the Teledyne Optech Titan: A lecture at the airport with Chris Hopkinson

Chris gives students a first glimpse at the Titan multi-spectral airborne LiDAR system with the Piper Navajo that we have been living out of for almost two weeks. Each component is described in detail and questions are answered on a variety of topics including operations and planning, system components, laser physics and data integration. At the end, we look from below at the laser system, and then fly the system back to Toronto. A most successful mission using an amazing state-of-the-art laser scanner. This is the future of LiDAR!

Chris speaking passionately about the Titan LiDAR system. The control rack is shown at right, with the waveform digitizer on top. To the left (behind Chris) is the 2-laser system plus digital camera for RGB aerial photography.

Josh, Kelsey and Maxim listening to Chris's lecture. I wonder what complicated questions Maxim will ask Chris to keep him hopping ;)

Part of the rest of the group (missing a few in the back and to the side).

A new recruit!

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